Nate D.

Anna was an absolute delight to work with, from our first visit to well after we closed.  We knew that we wanted an agent who lived in our target community and was well connected there.  With the Bay Area market as it is, the personal engagement is critical.  From our very first discussion, Anna patiently listened to our wants in a home and walked us through the entire buying process, including reviewing sample offer letters and all the fine print.   She also got to know my wife and took her around to see houses so we could best focus our search.    She met us at many houses all over the East Bay and provided very thoughtful feedback and advice on tradeoffs, locations, interior features, remodeling ideas, etc.  We decided to  prioritize the location and price (trading off size, remodeling, aesthetics) so Anna was able to carefully direct us towards houses that might not show as well as others (so hopefully not to get into the typical Bay Area bidding wars).  She always emphasized that she would support us and do what we directed, but also offered great counsel with her deep knowledge of the local market.

Although we looked at Redfin daily, and were well aware of what was available in our target area and price at any time, having spent enough time with us to know our wish list and our non negotiables, Anna recommended that we see a newly listed that we hadn’t paid much attention to.   She was right – amazing location, 2 bathrooms (a big requirement for my wife), though also had a good amount “quirkiness” that we thought would make it less attractive to a lot of Bay Area buyers.  We really liked the house and now call it home.

Anna is an amazing negotiator and able to suggest a very thoughtful strategy and approach to our negotiation.   She was never pushy and always made it clear that we were in complete control of all the details of our offer and contingencies.  For my day job, I spend most of day negotiating business deals, so I can honestly say that it was a big deal to cede negotiation to someone else.   She handled a tricky negotiation flawlessly – and from her own family vacation, while my wife was on business travel and I was trying to manage the deal between work meetings.   We were in a competitive situation with another buyer that had submitted a relative offer to ours.  Her advice was invaluable and we are certain she’s the reason we were ultimately successful in our offer.

My wife and I would highly recommend Anna for your East Bay search, you won’t be disappointed.