Valerio I.

It was a very desirable house in a very desirable neighborhood, and we were competing against 11 other offers. Thanks to Anna’s advice, our offer was the winning bid, topping the next one by only a slight margin.

When you consider that this was only the second offer we were making on a house, you can see why you should go with Anna for your house search.

From our very first conversation, we immediately knew Anna was the realtor we wanted to work with. She has extensive knowledge of the East Bay housing market, boundless energy and solid relationships in the real estate market. This really makes all the difference in such a competitive market.

Throughout the process, she was very invested, from taking the time to explain exactly how everything worked (we were first-time buyers), to suggesting homes she had seen, commenting on the ones we were interested in and steering us away when we started going down the wrong path into potentially problematic areas. We had no doubt she had our best interest at heart: she wanted us to get our dream home at the lowest price.

Even now that the sale has closed, we know she is there to give us advice if we need it. We feel that she is not just our realtor, but also a friend and we could not recommend her more highly.