Sheri B.

Simply put, we love Anna.  She was a great agent and, more importantly, a wonderful person.  We could not be happier with our new house and Anna was directly responsible for the result.

On the recommendation of a friend, we met Anna to talk about about house shopping in Berkeley and Oakland.  We had a general idea of where we wanted to buy, but our sense of neighborhoods and how the pieces fit together wasn’t great.  Anna talked us through our options and helped us figure out how to approach our first afternoon of open houses.  As we were leaving, Anna suggested checking out one more open house, telling us that we might not like the house, but we might really like the neighborhood (Piedmont Avenue), which hadn’t been on our consideration list.  Anna was right about the house, and spot on about the neighborhood.  We fell in love and never really looked anywhere else.

Because we focused almost exclusively on one neighborhood with relatively little inventory, we expected our search would take some time.  We saw quite a few houses, but none of them felt right.  Anna walked us through one option and pointed out all of the little (and big) issues we hadn’t noticed ourselves, which convinced us the house wasn’t right for us.  In another instance, she counseled patience when we liked a house but didn’t love it; her sound advice not to settle for a house we didn’t love seemed risky to us at the time but in retrospect proved very wise.  We quickly came to trust Anna and the advice she gave us.  She wasn’t just a real estate agent looking for another commission; she was a friend who was guiding us toward a home we would love and enjoy for many years.

After several months of looking, we finally found it, the house we knew was the right one almost from the moment we walked through the front door.  Once we told Anna, she kicked into high gear, gathering intelligence for us, talking to the listing agent, touring the house herself.  She helped us strategize our offer, acted as a sage counselor, and made sure we made the absolute strongest offer we could make.  We’re happy to report our offer was accepted and we closed without a hitch.

All in all, Anna is a wonderful agent and a great person.  We cannot sing her praises highly enough.