David H.

I can’t say enough about Anna!  She worked her “Magic” and got us our first house.  My wife and I have been looking for a home for over 2 years, and many times lost hope after being out bid again and again.  Anna patiently guided us through the entire roller coaster ride from the beginning right through the end.  She always made time for us and we never had any feeling that she was difficult to reach when needed.  Several times, both before and after the purchase, she helped put us in touch with trusted professionals to assess a prospective house or work on our new home.

More than just our agent, she really is our friend.  She has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to get dirty in the line of work.  We’ve seen her climb rickety lattice work in her stilettos, or scurry around in a grubby craw space.  She even took it upon herself to entertain our 2 year old son so that we could explore our prospective home in piece, without it being restaged by a toddler.

Overall, she is a great person, both personally and professionally and is a pleasure to work with.  Thanks Anna!