Naama R.

Don’t hesitate – work with Anna! I have worked with other realtors before, but with Anna I felt I’m in the hands of an expert, which really allowed this process to involve as little anxiety as possible. Anna is warm, and has great personal relationship skills, with her costumers as well as with other realtors and professionals (inspection people, engineers, etc’), which is so nice. She made herself available to us at any hour of day, and if she couldn’t respond immediately, she always texted back and then called back soon after. But her real quality comes out when her opinion was requested. When you buy a new home, there are so many questions involved, so many decisions to make, that you get confused and tired so fast. But Anna has this deep understanding and magical perception and she could really give us advice  – only when we asked for it. And she was right! The house she helped us choose and buy is perfect for us. Because of her we feel good about the whole process of the purchase, which felt smooth, even though it actually was long and complicated. Way to go, Anna!