Tom A.

We cannot recommend Anna enough! She’s very friendly, flexible, hard-working, knowledgeable and very much has your interest at heart.  And the best thing is: She doesn’t end with getting done what needs to get done.  She always went out of her way to help us.

Our search involved several months, spanning several parts of the Bay Area.  In East Bay, we worked with Anna and she was excellent.  We met with her first in her office where we explained what we were looking for – a comfortable but smallish place in a safe neighborhood and convenient commute to the city above all other factors.

Anna is easy to work with, prompt, organized, efficient and helpful.   We’d go to open houses and if we found something she might advise us and come to see it with us too, but she largely stayed out of the process of finding us a place to bid on, because really, that stuff is on Trulia/Redfin these days and not where an agent helps you. Rather, once we found something we liked, she step into high gear about how to make a good offer (and that did not usually involve any advice to bid high).  In fact, when we were really busy, and struggling to make it to an open house, she’d be able to tell us, based on what we’d said to her that a place was not worth seeing, either because of the price, or because it needs too much work etc.

Our search took an unexpected turn when we found a well-cared-for house that seemed special and a great value but well out of our budget and maybe out of our reach too.  Anna’s experience with working at various price levels and very different types of houses came really in handy.  She helped us put together an offer that we’re comfortable with, without overpaying and still very competitive on an in-demand house.  She was instrumental in getting our offer accepted.

We have worked with other real estate agents too and the difference with Anna is … like night and day! Even after the offer was accepted, the difference of Anna was very clear.  Some agents stop really paying attention after the bid is accepted (their fee is locked in), but Anna was even more engaged at that point, making sure that all the steps of escrow, loan, appraisal went smoothly, putting in more effort into it than we expected. She was happy to accompany us to visit the house after we were in contract so we can measure stuff for planning furniture etc – and even encouraged us to make that visit.   Even after close, she offered to help us with things.

Anna is well-connected to plumbers, electricians, roofers, engineers and all manner of other professionals needed for inspections, estimates and such which are a critical part of writing an offer as well as mentally being aware of exactly what you are getting into.   And when we needed someone to clean the house before we moved in – she recommended us a good cleaning crew.  A good real estate educates her/his clients with market color, city regulations and ordinances and other considerations that are relevant to the needs of the buyer. And she was excellent with that.

And what is more: she was very keen on making sure that the home-buying process was an enjoyable, not a painful experience – always making sure to tell us when we need to react quickly and when we can relax.

She has a good relationships with many local agents and would contact that agent with questions we had. Through this process I really learned what a good real estate agent can bring to the table.  The process would have been very different without Anna’s help!
She has earned our trust and has delivered!