Katy M.

“Anna is the best of the best. I can’t remember how we originally connected (Yelp reviews maybe?), but we felt she would be a good fit for us early on. We had an initial meeting where she really listened to what we wanted.

Anna never faltered in her support to us as we looked…and looked…and looked for houses in Berkeley. It took, start to finish, nearly a year. She was always, always, always available to show us a house, to talk about pros and cons, and to talk offer strategy. Even when we hemmed and hawed, she respectfully supported us and waited. We needed time and space to figure each house out–both with her and alone, and she always provided that.

I really appreciated how Anna taught us to look beyond “the cute factor” and to see places with potential. Homes that weren’t necessarily what immediately jumped out to us but that were in our price range and weren’t the hottest thing on the market that week. Together we determined what we could live with (and without), and what we couldn’t. She certainly expanded our horizons this way, and is probably one of the reasons we got a great house in the end.

She always had our best interest at heart, and was never pushy or annoyed when we’d pass on homes. She wanted to understand our reasoning and rationale so it could help shape the next offer. I found myself apologizing when we had gone to see a house one or two times and ultimately decided not to make an offer. But she was continually gracious and kind. That is one of the reasons I most highly recommend her!

Anna knows the East Bay super well. She’s got her finger on the pulse, especially in Berkeley, where she knows micro neighborhoods. Also, she’s well respected by other agents. People would always say “Anna? Oh, I love her!”

As we put in offers (and when one was finally accepted), she was great at connecting us to resources (like a structural engineer, lawyer, contractors, etc). She seems to know everyone in Berkeley.

Bravisimo to Anna for being an incredible agent — she is much more than that! A friend, a confidant, a challenger, and a connector.”